Dru Erridge

E3 Day 3 Update

Quick Stats:

Games Played: 15

Free T-shirts:  0 (I forgot to use my free coupon at the gift shop!)

Hours worked: 0

Places on my body that hurt: one on each foot

Cool people spotted: Head of Google’s games initiative.  I probably also saw the creator of Minecraft at some point during the event but I don’t know what he looks like.


The Games:

(PS3) Dark Souls – Pretty, but I only played for a few minutes, as I was horrible/confused and not terribly interested

(PS3) Silent Hill Downpour in 3D – meh (only played a few minutes)

(PC?) Skull Girlz – up/meh (Fun, insufficient time to learn tactics; interesting art, not actually a fan of the style though)

(360) Star Wars Kinect – up (lots of fun, a bit buggy for me, but everyone else seemed to fair well with the controls)

Saints Row 3 (Preview Only) – Up (Intentionally way over the top, video game violence and humor to end all, pure fun)

(PS3) Anarchy Reigns – Up! (Loved this concept/practice, combat needs a bit tweaking, multiplayer was fun though!)

(360) Gears of War 3 (Preview only) – up (continually solid series, horde mode 2.0 will garner some of my attention)

(360) Binary Domain – Up (really liked this, felt very strongly in the action, liken it to my first play of Gears 1)

(360) Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition – Exactly as advertised – I’m excited; bit wonky on the 360 nub

(PC) Wakfu – Not sure (MMO element could be interesting?  Looks like Final Fantasy Tactics with pastels)

(PSV) Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Up (Gameplay feels slightly easier, not dumber, to utilize touch, but solid and fun)

(PSV) Little Big Planet – Up (feels perfectly at home on PSV, I was clumsy, but it would’ve been fluid after 5 more min)

(PSV) Little Deviants – UP! (loved, kills the 3DS ARG’s, zero lag, wiping goo off the screen was fun touch mechanic)

(PSV) Virtua Tennis 4 – meh/up (not a tennis fan, but gameplay felt very polished, touch worked well once I got used to it)

(PSV) Sound Shapes – up (Haven’t played Everday Shooter *gasp* but great aesthetic here, though I failed hardd)

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