Dru Erridge

The Perilous Journey of 4C6F

A poor mechanical bug is given the task of cleaning up his city’s main power source – a series of solar panels, which seem to be operating sub-optimally.  The cause? An alien infestation ofcourse.  I thought I was very clever at the time, playing a reversal on the whole environment vs technology theme and letting the machines be the good guys for once.  The rest of the theme was actually pretty good, might have to revitalize it when I have room for a story in a game.

This game is high school work for me, and my first time working with ActionScript 2, so no poking fun (I know the hitboxes are off, ok?).  It was inspired by the World’s Hardest Game and theming probably from too much of The Matrix movies.

Play The Perilous Journey of Four Coca Six Foxtrot


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