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E3: Day One Update

By the winds of chance (*ahem* USC games), I managed free access to E3, and its been quite an experience.  First day I stuck on the fringe as far as what games I played, hoping lines will ease up tomorrow for the likes of PSVita and the big games such as assassin’s creed, uncharted, etc.  After guiding attendees to umpteen registration booths for 4 hours, I was able to get in and immediately I started dropping in on whatever games were open.  I ended up playing a lot of social and mobile stuff, due, I’m sure, to the turnover inherent in gameplay meant to be had on a smoke break.  However, the sheer magnitude of the event grew on me despite my bite-size gameplay experiences and is still settling in.  This thing is BIG, in case all the media attention and huge announcements that come out of it haven’t given you that impression yet.


The Games So Far:

(3DS) Sonic Generations – meh (wish I played it on a different console)

(PC) Rusty Hearts – thumbs up (wish it was an MMO though)

(PC) Vindictus – thumbs down (attack-move transition seems irreparably choppy, always a deal breaker for me)

(PC) Tera Online – Thumbs up (my short play really made me want to put time into the game)

(360) Lord of the Rings: War in the North – thumbs up (solid, fun multiplayer hack-n-slash I expect from LOTR)

(PC) World of Tanks – so-so (tank combat is inherently slow-paced, and low reward due to limited kills/round)

(Xperia Play) – Samurai II: Vengeance – down (generic, sloppy hack-n-slash and move-attack transition)

(Xperia Play) – Spinny 3D dodge-and-shoot – meh (not impressed by stupid-simple games unless they are mad-hard)

(PC) Margaritaville – I mean, its pure social, what do you expect?

(iPad) Katamari – ok (is this game even new?)

(PC) Faxion – generic MMO feel to me, nothing special, you could fly, which is cool, but PW did it better IMO.

(Android) My Monster Rancher – there wasn’t “gameplay” per se, but monster rancher on my phone sounds awesome.



Games Played: 13

Free T-shirts: 3

Hours worked: 4

Places on my body that hurt: 10, +/- 3 (depending on how I move my neck)

Pics with booth babes: 0 (there’s still time! haha)

Members of “Gaming’s Most Dangerous Duo: Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb” spotted: 1/2 (I will be very disappointed, as a one-time X-Play fanboy, if I don’t also see Morgan while I’m at the show)


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