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E3 Day 2 (Belated) Update

Subtitle: The Day of Square, because Square Enix was by far the highlight today.  I spent a little time at their booths, but the lasting memory of these games is what made SquareEnix the day’s focus.  Dead Rising, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy XIII-2, some pretty stand-out titles, especially that first one.  When I walked away from my abbreviated 5-minute demo of Dead Rising, I was still freaking out a little bit, the feeling of Zombies breathing down my neck still lingering in my mind.  I’m sure I’ll give some more detailed info later on because this game really deserves it.

I was crazy-busy yesterday and didn’t get a chance to post, but that was just because the day was so packed full of wonderful events!  E3 quick-take below, and the VGL goods have been moved to a separate post, here because I felt the need to keep embellishing and elaborating about that experience.

Quick Stats:

Games Played: 14

Free T-shirts: 1

Hours worked: 0

Places on my body that hurt: 2 (I took lots of breaks today :P)

Members of “Gaming’s Most Dangerous Duo: Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb” spotted: TWO OUT OF TWO, my fanboy-ness has been satiated 😛


The Games:

(PS3) Deus-Ex – Thumbs up (not sure if its entirely my thing though, not fond of the battery system)

(PC) RaiderZ – up/meh (I like non-targeting MMO’s, otherwise it didn’t feel too special)

(PS3) Dead Rising 2 – up (Capcom just makes fun games, plain and simple. “It’s ZOMBIE STOMPIN’ TIME”)

(PS3) Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (Multiplayer only) – Up (really like this, freedom of movement is beautiful)

(PS3) Street Fighter X Tekken – Up (2 of my favorites, Tekken-style combos mixed into basic SF4 gameplay & visuals)

(PC) End of Nations – meh? (don’t know how I feel, hard to jump in, don’t think you can build new units in a round)

(PS3) Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Multiplayer only) – meh/up (never played AC multiplayer, interesting mechanic)

(PS3) Resistance 3 – Up (controls feel more solid than at least the first one, some fun new guns. still solid gameplay)

(360) Dead Island – Up (this gets 5 stars in 5 minutes, walked away still disturbed from all the audio alone, plus visuals)

(PS3) Final Fantasy XIII-2 – meh (need more time, like the added battle interactivity, haven’t finished FF13 yet)

(PS3) Mortal Kombat in 3D – meh (3D visuals, as with almost all games thus far, seem too gimmicky and not solid)

(PS3) Sonic Generations – up (LOVE this, exactly in the Sonic spirit, lightning gameplay, different 2D angles in 3D world)

(Xperia Play) Minecraft – up (The right thumbstick takes some getting used to, otherwise, solid port)

(PC) Dragon’s Nest – Up (a standout from nexon, I had no idea what I was doing in PVP and I STILL loved every minute)

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