Dru Erridge

ALFNet Cyber-Physical Empathic Interface

Social media targeted at Assisted Living Facility (ALF) residents that cannot or are not comfortable with a traditional keyboard, mouse, and monitor interface.  ALFNet seeks to use Natural User Interface (NUI) elements and controls with motion and voice controls for navigating a social platform/specific-use Internet portal.

ALFNet leverages Facebook’s user-base to allow distance communication between ALF residents and their friends and family of younger generation, so that each may communicate in such a way that is comfortable and natural to them.  To that end, we utilized a television screen over a monitor, for reasons of size and familiarity for the user-base, as well as to accommodate the targeted venue: ALF common rooms.

The application may be accessed here, and while it is near fully functional without the Kinect, Kinect ALFNet software, RFID scanner, tags, or an Android phone, please remember while using it that it was designed for a specific test environment, and outside of that environment it can (and will) not always react in the manner expected.  That being said, the debugging keys and interface should work reasonably well provided your in Windows and using Chrome (recommended)/Firefox/IE.


Credit to:

Code: Alex Silkin & Dru Erridge (Hey, that’s me!)

-Advisors: Young Cho & Jihie Kim

-Andrew Goodney (lots of advice and help writing/editing papers)

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