Dru Erridge


So here is a retro-modern mash-up of old school Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and Dance Dance Revolution.  It is a music-centric game working off an algorithm that dynamically generates “arrows” to press to the beat.  The game lets users import songs from the internet, as well as providing some pumping beats for them to work with from the start.  Most of the music, as well as the design, is geared towards the electronica/dance beats that have been blaring in my head all semester.

Background: Here is a game I put together for class (read: 2 separate 5-hour nites with a can of Red Bull). It was my first go at music-based games, but it turned out to be a lot of fun I think. The first iteration (first can of Red Bull), was a remake of the first level Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, for an assignment that asked us to remake a classic game. The second iteration (can #2, night #2) was a remix of the game mechanic, which ended up being a mash-up of the flash-flash-revolution or DDR style game with the timing-fighting game I already had.  So here it is, enjoy:

Prompt: USC’s ITP 280, Redesign a classic game with a new game mechanic

Personal Goal: Learn something new/use an interesting algorithm.

Game: MTDO

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