Dru Erridge


Below, please find an abridged list of my projects, current, past, and future as well as short overview of each.


The Maestros – (Unreal Developer’s Kit, node.js, & C#)
An online multiplayer Real Time Strategy game focused on fast-paced, team-oriented gameplay.  You control a Commander and a squadron of transforming minions.

This website (ongoing)


Climber’s Buddy – (Ruby on Rails & Objective C)
An iOS app that catalogs and helps locate rock climbing walls in your area and in your skill range.  A friend and I created this app & API as contract work.  Climber’s Buddy should be on the app store in early 2014.

I Need Th@ – (Ruby on Rails)
A fun site to see and vote on viral products/content.  Created, launched, and happily received by 1,000+ users over a period of 36 hours at Startup Weekend USC 2012.  The site has since been renovated by some of my teammates from that competition.

Core Overload – (Unreal Developer’s Kit & C#) – A 3D, 24-man networked (internet) multiplayer game in space-themed top-down shoot’em up fashion with customizable ships and destructible ship parts.

Franklin – (Unity)
A 2-player coop puzzle-adventure game set in the backyard of two bickering twins who discover a toy teddy bear, Franklin, that grants them each their own unique magical power, but only while they’re holding him!

Imacan – (Android & Ruby on Rails)
A street art catalogue of Los Angeles that help users discover content.

Site Unseen – (Android)
Dynamically generated walking tours based on interests and time available with Augmented Reality elements for locating points of interest.

PulseLA – (Android & PHP)
Pulse about people, places, things, and events with text, pictures, audio, and video.  See what’s going on that matters to YOU.

Dubstep Helicopter – (Flash with AS3)
An Android and internet (Flash) game that takes a spin on the classic helicopter game which allows players to play on levels generated on-the-fly based on the beats of their favorite electronic songs.  Available on Android and online.

ALFNet – (Facebook with Java, JavaScript, HTML, C#)
CAUTION: ALFNet was built to run in a controlled system and may close your entire browser after an idle period!
Research in Cyber-Physical Empathic Interfaces with USC’s ISI

Paparazzi – (Android, Google Apps Engine with Java and Python)

MTDO (like, “Mike Tyson’s Dance Out,” you get it?) – (Flash AS3)

Comparative lifecycle inventory (LCI) of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods using different CO2 sources
A paper I contributed heavily to alongside Dan Hussain from 2010-2012.  It was published in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control in March 2013.

Making Clean Coal Electricity Possible with Distributed Generation and Enhanced Oil Recovery
A paper I wrote for the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology


A text-based game written in Entropy. No – really.


Something clever about a Treasure Hunt – (Android, Google Apps Engine with Java and Python)

Mobile GPS Child-Tracker for Android – (Android, Google Maps with Java)
For the SS12 Code for a Cause programming competition

Fling – (Windows Phone 7 and XNA 4.0 with C#)
Angry-Birds style game prototype for a weekend USC Game Jam Fall ’10.

The Perilous Journey of 4Coca6Foxtrot – (Flash with AS2.0)

Mage Defense – (VB6.0)