Dru Erridge


The is a “location-based” game, but it doesn’t actually track your location.  That was the challenge we set out to meet, so that we could demo a game inside a building (where GPS isn’t so friendly) and we started out with some things relatively unique to our mobile platform: photos and the internet.  So we had one team of players (Security) sneakily chasing another team (Paparazzi).  Both teams are constantly in search of regularly updated locations that are indicated by a photograph posted online.  The paparazzi’s goal is to go to the location, take and upload a photo with the “celebrity” known as Sharlie Cheen (a fake player whose image is superimposed on images) doing something funny.  The security’s job is to sneak around and “taze” the paparazzi just as their taking a picture, essentially catching them in the act.

It is a multiplayer mobile game that was made for University of Southern California Makers of Entertaining Games Association’s (USC MEGA, a student development group) Game Hackathon, a 10-day game development competition in Spring of 2011.  Due to a plethora of other coinciding events, and it landing at a very bad time, it was more like a 3-day game development competition for me and my team of 4, but we still cranked out what I think is an interesting prototype.

Prompt: If there is such a thing as too much power, I have not discovered it.

Verbs: Charge, Gorge, Love

Game: Paparazzi

(A lot of the features got cut out in a crashing v0.3 release, apologies)

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