Dru Erridge

The Maestros by The Numbers

After completing various milestones on a project of sufficient scale, you often lose touch with the real magnitude of what has been accomplished over time.  To put things in perspective, I started to do some math after our second alpha.  Here are the results.

After nearly 15,000 man-hours of work…

Our game contains:

  • 40,000 lines of code
  • 250 unrealscript, javascript, and C# classes
  • 90 individual animations
  • 45 acres of meticulously crafted landscapes
  • 21 Fully rigged and animated 3D characters (counting Ali and Conrad’s last-minute programmer art rigging, animating, and procedural destruction of the Shrine ;))
  • 14 completely unique special abilities

And between Feb. and May on our servers:

  • 120,000 Doughboys were spawned
  • 2,500 Player-Games were played
  • 1,000 Shrines were Destroyed
  • 400 Dreadbeasts were tamed
  • 275 builds were pushed


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